Greetings beautiful beings of universal love and wisdom!

My name is Indi Aura and I’m the creator of Divine Timing Boutique and founder of the non-profit organization United Conscious Communities. This is not your traditional boutique as it was created with soul evolution in mind. We aim to impress the importance of intention and focus. As co- creators of the the earth there are tools available to us that will naturally enhance our intentions in a harmonious and harmless way. All tools available are meant to be used with purpose as you amplify the energies around and within you to use at will as you see fit. It is our greatest mission to educate and inspire you to use your birthright of energetic persuasion to accomplish all your desires while you inhabit beautiful Gaia. We ask if you feel resonance with our mission to offer exchange of donation to our cause by clicking below.

The purpose of Divine Timing Boutique is to raise the consciousness of humanity so that more people understand their innate power to create a collective reality in which we are more united in oneness. We do this by educating about crystal healing, energy management techniques, metaphysics and intentional living. 

22% of our profits go to United Conscious Communities, a non profit organization created to assist in humanity's ascension through educating on energy balancing techniques, providing a sacred space for ceremonies, promoting a 5D lifestyle focusing on unity consciousness and practicing regenerative agriculture sustainability for harmonious co-existing with mother earth. 

We honor the light in all beings and are purposely and intently shifting our awareness to bring the Golden Age of the New Earth in the collective consciousness so we may experience life in a more heart centered way. We greatly appreciate all who are contributing on this and other platforms. No form of contribution is too small.  

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Intention Amplifier Kit

The intention amplifier kit is a customized tool used to aid in the manifestation process. Each kit is curated after a series of simple questions related to your specific need. Some suggested areas of focus are love, career, money, and spiritual alignment. To create an intention amplifier unique to your situation requires 3 steps


In this step we will go over in detail what you wish to manifest. this process may take as little as 30 mins to 1 hour depending on the client's ability to distinguish their needs. after the completion of the evaluation we will discuss what manifestation tools are necessary for your success.


Next i will intuitively select the tools that will be most beneficial for the success of your manifestation. The typical intention amplifier includes but is not limited to:

*1 energy clearing or smudging tool

*4-7 crystals

*1 crystal bag

*1 handcrafted candle

*1 crystal grid

*1 pocket notebook

***please note what is included in the intention amplifier kits vary on a case by case basis. Each person's desire is unique to them, therefore results will vary.


In the last step of the creation process a ritual that best fits your life will be created to assist with your manifestation. This typically includes implementing small self care tasks, alter setup, customized mantras, sound healing practices, customized affirmations, breathing techniques and meditation practices that can be easily implanted in your daily schedule.

 I will walk you through each step and you will have access to me at all times via phone or email to answer any questions or requests that could assist you with your manifestation. On average my clients see results within 3 weeks but please keep in mind this fluctuates depending on the energy involved in the manifestation.

***3 week follow up is required.


What is an intention?

An intention is an inspired commitment to the way you would like to live, think, and be in the world. It is a conscious decision which  involves creating with your mind a direct plan, that is amplified by the universal energy that flows through all things, and with conviction believing that creation into being. With the intention amplifier you will learn how to use your energy in 3 ways to create in your physical reality by writing, saying and visualizing. 


These soul activating designs are perfect for anyone who loves comfort and style. They are unique to Divine Timing Boutique and are infused with soul codes, light frequencies and the highest intention to create energetic harmony and balance for the wearer.


We respect our environment and give love to our planet!

We are delighted to announce we are officially doing our part in creating a more sustainable environment for all beings by using only 100% compostable or recyclable shipping packages, wrappings and boxes. We are also well aware of the cries of Mother Gaia to put a halt to the unconscious damage caused by industrial over tilling and tree mutilation. In her defense we are actively creating harmony and offsetting our carbon footprint by donating a portion of every order to planting a tree through our partnership with Ecologi!