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The intention amplifier kit is a customized tool used to aid in the manifestation process. Each kit is curated after a series of simple questions related to your specific need. Some suggested areas of focus are love, career, money, and spiritual alignment. To create an intention amplifier unique to your situation requires 3 steps

STEP 1: Evaluation 

In this step we will go over in detail what you wish to manifest. this process may take as little as 30 mins to 1 hour depending on the client's ability to distinguish their needs. after the completion of the evaluation we will discuss what manifestation tools are necessary for your success.

STEP 2: Intuitive Curation 

Next i will intuitively select the tools that will be most beneficial for the success of your manifestation. The typical intention amplifier includes but is not limited to

  • 1 energy clearing or smudging tool
  • 1 abalone shell
  • 4-7 crystals
  • 1 crystal bag
  • 1 handcrafted candle
  • 1 crystal grid
  • 1 pocket notebook

***please note that what is included in the intention amplifier kits vary on a case by case basis. Each person's desire is unique to them, therefore results will vary.

STEP 3: Ritual creation and implementation

In the last step of the creation process a ritual that best fits your life will be created to assist with your manifestation. This typically includes implementing small self care tasks, alter setup, customized mantras, sound healing practices, customized affirmations, breathing techniques and meditation practices that can be easily implanted in your daily schedule.

 'I will walk you through each step and you will have access to me at all times via phone or email to answer any questions or requests that could assist you with your manifestation. On average my clients see results within 3 weeks but please keep in mind this fluctuates depending on the energy involved in the manifestation.

***3 week follow up is required.

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