Intention Amplifier Kit™

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This kit is intended for use during the full moon in LEO  to attract CONFIDENCE in all forms in your life. The areas of focus may include but are not limited to:



If you have ever wanted to attract the courage to go after that career, relationship, or if you're shy and just want to be noticed more now is the time! Leo brings out the deva in all of us and will do it with the perfect balance of ferocity and elegance. With the energy of Leo this full moon will give you just the right amount of magnetism to leave the impression you didn't think you had! Embrace the powerful masculine energy of the sun and the beautifully divine feminine energy of the moon to create the most harmonious balance in your life's expression.

  • Are you naturally a shy person? Are you ready to take your career or relationship to the next level but just don't have the courage to speak up? Do you want to attract more confidence in your daily life?  Would it be beneficial to you to obtain balance and responsibility?
  • This intention amplifier will show you step by step how to attract more confidence in your life while becoming more in tune with the powerful energies mother moon has to offer. You will also learn how to properly cleanse your sacred space, set intentions, call upon your ancestors, guides, angels, archangels, and or star family to assist you as well as how to use a crystal grid to amplify crystal energy and the energy of your body to increase the probability of manifesting your intention. This kit includes a pouch for your crystals, crystal grid, cedar sage, matches, candle, lion's paw shell, and a pocket journal.
      Using these stones to balance your chakras before use is highly recommended but always listen to your higher self to decide what's best for you. Each stones corresponding chakra is listed below. Please follow the  instructions to clear your chakras before using your intention amplifier which can be found on STEP 3.
       Citrine: Focus Stone
      Black Onyx: Root
      Sunstone: Sacral
      Pyrite: Plexus
      Emerald: Heart
      Blue Tiger's Eye: Throat
      Labradorite: 3rd Eye
      Amethyst: Crown

      You will attract more courage in your life by using the powerful energy of the full moon and your natural affinity to increase the probability of your manifestation with focus. Please follow the simple steps as shown BELOW to learn how to use your intention amplifier. Keep in mind that results may vary depending on your dominant vibrational frequency and how open you are to tuning into the love energy that is already part of your being.






      STEP 1. Light your sage and candle and set the intention to raise the frequency of your sacred space. when finished smudging use your shell to put out the fire of your smudging tool. 


      STEP 2. Do breathwork. the 3,3,3 method works perfectly to balance your energy. Breathe in for 3 seconds hold for 3 seconds and release. Repeat this 3x.


      STEP 3. Starting with your root chakra, grab the corresponding stone and repeat these steps for each chakra changing crystals per chakra. Imagine a vacuum suction sucking out all the negative energy you may be holding in your chakra wheel on the in breath and on the out breath imagine it being released and purified by the white flame of purification. 

      STEP 4. Call upon your spirit guides and cosmic team to assist you with your ritual.

      STEP 5. write down your intention for the month in the provided notebook. Gently tear out the sheet and fold it small enough to fit in the middle of your crystal grid. 

      STEP 6. place your focus stone on top of your intention and create a circle around it with your other crystals. NOTE: you can use any grid style you choose but for those who are beginners a circle will work. 

      STEP 7. place your crystal grid with crystals and intention outside to charge under the moonlight for a minimum of 55 mins and 55 seconds. 

      STEP 8. safely burn your intention under the moonlight thanking your guides for their assistance. you can let it burn out in your shell or use another method. 

      your crystal bag can be used to store your crystals and the box for the rest of your ritual tools.