About the Creator of Divine Timing Boutique

Hi everyone I'm Indi!

I'm an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, crystal master and future acupuncture physician focusing on intentionally raising my frequency through holistic practice to be an example for those who wish to do the same. This website is dedicated to expanding consciousness about holistic health and using our innate ability to create our realities using intentional focus.

I'm also all about sustainability and creating a more harmonious experience with our Earth Mother by giving to her the same love she gives to us. It is my grandest desire to create ecovillages across the nation and bring awareness to the importance of sustainable practices, soil regeneration, unity consciousness and our body's ability to heal itself with proper focus and intention.

I founded United Conscious Communities with the holistic community in mind.  The idea is to bring holistic practitioners and conscious beings together with united focus on oneness and sustainability to create a ripple effect in the human  collective consciousness. 

If you feel resonance please follow me on instagram @indiiiaura @divine_timing_boutique