Q: How often should I clear my crystals?

A: Your crystals can be cleared as often as you deem appropriate. Some people clear them after every use, some every full moon, some charge them under the sunlight. Our recommendation is after every use. 


Q: Can I return any products if I don't like them?

A: We currently only support returns for orders on a case by case basis. If you feel you need to return a product please refer to our return policy.


Q: What if I have a question that is not listed here?

A: Please refer all questions to the contact us tab and we will answer your inquiry in a timely matter.

Q: What is an intention amplifier?

A: An intention amplifier is a curated box of crystals and other tools to assist you in setting your intentions and manifesting your desires by using the power of the full moon and the energy of your vessel.

Q: Can I cancel my full moon intention amplifier subscription?

A: Yes. You can cancel at anytime by contacting customer service here.