Our Purpose

Why does this platform exist?

The purpose of Divine Timing Boutique is to raise the consciousness of humanity so that more people understand their innate power to create a collective reality in which we are more united in oneness. We do this by educating about crystal healing, energy management techniques, metaphysics and intentional living. 

All proceeds are used towards the creation of an intentional community which will be based on love, acceptance, healing, rejuvenation and the ascension of our species. 

We honor the light in all human beings and are purposely and intently shifting awareness to bring about the Golden Age so we may live a more heart centered collective experience. We greatly appreciate all who are contributing to this experience. No form of contribution is too small.  


What is an intentional community?

An intentional community is a place where people of like mind and heart come together to create a space that includes residence and teamwork to establish and actualize an agreed upon way of life. Our community will focus on knowing  and living in the 5th dimensional way to express equality, unity, spiritual attunement, metaphysical awareness, physical health and the integration of higher frequencies to obtain a harmonious way of life with each other and Mother Earth. Free from the diversions of chaos in the world.