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PROPERTIES: Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, lives up to it's name probably more than any other stone that has been discovered. It has been used to cleanse the blood and heal for ages.This stone is connected to the root chakra and is an excellent selection for full grounding into the body and protection from negative influences and energies as well as connection to the Divine Source. Some other healing properties include, immune system boosting by neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body, an increase in courage and wisdom, and intuition. Also known as the stone of courge, this stone is for intense healing purposes. It encourages unification of the root, sacral and heart chakras allowing for the recognition and acceptance of change. Helps to recognize the beauty in all things from both positive and negative energetic perspectives. Aids in the decision making process and dispels the state of bewilderment. Has been used in the treatment of spleen, kidney bladder, intestines and blood purification. 


ZODIAC: aries, libra, pisces

ELEMENT: earth