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Everyone should have a piece of citrine and most people who practice harnessing the power of crystals do! It's amazingly stimulating to the brain. Not only does it enhance your concentration it also activates your creativity and promotes motivation. It doesn't hold or accumulate negative energy like most stones so it doesn't need to be cleared and recharged. In fact it clears and recharges the other stones around it! Citrine also encourages new beginnings and helps attract prosperity, making it the go to stone for business owners and entrepreneurs.

One of the minerals on the planet that dissipates and transmutes negativity. Aligns the chakras with the ethereal plane. Can aid in digestion and digestive disorders. Stimulates openness and accelerates the awakening of the mind. Helpful in problem solving recognition of resolutions.

CHAKRAS: sacral, solar, crown

ZODIAC: aries, gemini, leo, virgo