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What is a kinetic energy transmutation session?

During a journey of sacred plant medicine in the Amazonian jungle, Indi gained access to a multidimensional form of energy healing that  provides a deeply transformative experience for all participants. A kinetic energy transmutation session or K.E.T.S is a sacred ceremony used to transmute lower frequency energy to restore balance. All kinetic energy transmutation sessions include but are not limited to the following:

  •  Chakra clearing
  • Kinetic energy reading
  • Higher self connection
  • Sound healing with singing bowls and vocal energy healing
  • tea 
  • kinetic energy balance
  • sekhm healing
  • ayurvedic evaluation
  • A personalized mantra

What is a kinetic energy reading?

A kinetic energy reading is like getting a tarot oracle reading without cards. Indi is essentially a living, breathing oracle and conduit for higher frequency beings of light. She uses her ability to read energy by combining claircognizance, telepathy, clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance to interpret communication, with permission, from your higher self and other light beings who are assigned to you in this life. Upon completion of this interpretation, Indi uses intuitive channeling to connect with the higher frequency realms and locate energy blockages in the body and mind. She then transmutes it back to the earth mother using a sacred blend of mahatma light codes, alchemy and metaphysical attunement in conjunction with sound healing, healing via sacred hand & body movements, and mantras.

Some seekers may manifest the following ascension indications during or after the ceremony:

  • Energy release in the form of crying, laughing, shouting or involuntary body twitches.
  • Activation of akashic memories, including past, present or future lives on this earth and other worlds
  • Revelation of new desires, dreams and aspirations
  • Increase in creativity
  • New ideas and inspirations
  • Feeling more connected to mother earth and nature
  • Revelation of energy blocks in the mind and body
  • Third eye opening
  • Sensation of feeling very tiny or very large
  • Euphoria

K.E.T.S is a very transformative and purifying practice. As with akashic readings, experiences may vary, are unique to your soul’s evolutionary development and should only be approached if you are open to changes in perspective and creating harmony in your life.


*This experience is very intimate, in person and 1 on 1. Please contact Indi to confirm location and availability.